Jampot Glitter Pick and Mix Custom Blends

Jampot Glitter Pick and Mix Custom Blends

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                                         Welcome to Jampot Pick & Mix shop.

This is where you get to create your own custom blend of Jampot Glitter.

Choose your glitters from any of our jampot range.

Option 1  = 4 x 15g blend

Option 2  = 5 x 12.5g blend

Option 3 =  6 x 10g blend

Once youve chosen your glitters pop your pick and mix choices in the message to us with your order number and we will let you  know the date and time of the live where we will mix your glitter. 

Once we have this off the ground we will have set times for our live pick and mix sessions, for now while we set up and get used to our new system please bear with us on the live times. We will also help and advise on the mixing also if youre in the live. 


 Disclaimer by ordering this you acknowledge you will be responsible for choosing the glitter and we take no responsility for any orders where you choose everything yourself and ask for no assistance.